Saturday, April 28, 2007

Waiting ...


There is nothing more difficult than waiting.

What am I waiting for?

A lot of stuff. Stuff that I cannot just go and get and be done with.

Stuff I have to wait for.

At the end of June, we close the deal and take possession of our dream house.

Since house closing can stir up some pretty significant financial cost surprises, we are in a strict savings pattern. Circling the closing date with the pilot instructing us to please remain seated and to keep our seat belts fastened.

Actually we feel more like we are sitting on the tarmac in a long line of planes to take off because weather has fogged in a far away city and backed airport traffic to a stand still.

At work, we are winding down a 13 year project, ending in November, during which time we have to hold knowledge transfer sessions with the team coming in to take our spots.

This is not a pleasant experience to say the least, and finding initiative and motivation to do your best is difficult as you watch your friends, peers, colleagues, teammates say goodbye as they leave for distant shores – resulting in your workload expanding to encompass theirs as well.

But the good news is that yesterday was my birthday. And every year, for my birthday, we all get a present here in the north east of North America.

We get the start of what becomes summer. The waiting for summer is almost over.

Baseball is almost a full month into swing, and my beloved English-D Tigers are right there fighting for first in the American League Central Division.

The Masters has been played – although it was the weirdest Masters I ever saw. And the clearest – as it was my first experience watching HDTV. Augusta National was my first sight to see in HDTV 1080p. And it was pretty magic.

My golf clubs are in the car trunk. Persimmon red woods and 25 year old Lynx Master irons.


Waiting for our saving pattern to clear so that I can land on the Tee.

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