Sowing My Father's Garden

I've had a lot of very positive feedback from the first excerpt I posted here on HeadStuffing of my first book, Sowing my Fathers Garden. So much that I wanted to share another.

This excerpt finds my little gang of Characters in Hawaii, and one of the characters is an Australian Professional Golfer (totally fictional) who is playing in a tournament on one of the larger Islands. So my best friend Ray and I decide to take a diversion from our tasks at hand to go and watch our Aussie buddy play.

I personally think it's the funniest excerpt from the book, but I will let you be the judge. Warning though - there is some language here that would not be considered "family friendly".

I hope you enjoy Chapter 59 - Round of a Lifetime

If you want to read more from this book, see my post A Chat With Dad - from Chapter 14. In this excerpt, the main character is able to hold a conversation with his late father - but it's not really his father. But it sure seems real.

If you are a publisher or a writers / literary agent, and you enjoyed either of these excerpts, please contact me.

Thanks you for your interest and support and I hope you enjoyed these 2 excerpts.

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