Monday, December 31, 2012

Ringing Out and In

Time is ticking.

Time is running out for the year 2012.

The whole world – at least the parts that count years the same way we do – are prepping for the big celebrations.

It’s quite silly that we do make such a big deal about all this New Year stuff. Anything for a party I guess.

I’m not against the “anything for a party” line of thinking, but really, we are simply incrementing the year counter by one.

Ya got to love the human race.

I myself enjoyed 2012 quite a bit for the things that happened to our little family this year.

Alannah and Ashley-Rae both made the all-star team in their Turtle Club fast pitch softball league and we got to travel a little bit and make new friends in the process. I even got to be a coach in the house league.

I had a ball leaning against the fence spitting sun flower seed shells and yelling important advice to the girls like “let’s get ‘em started here Lacey” and “stay in there and watch it all the way Loren … atta girl”.

And our own Detroit Tigers won their Division, then the American League … but only to get blown out by those damned San Francisco Giants in four straight games.

I think that hurt more than not making the playoffs at all.

Things at work went bat-ass crazy this year with tons of growth and expansion. It was all so incredibly positive – albeit frustrating – and very exhausting.

I only played one round of golf this year. That’s disappointing – and I am now at an age that I find I can’t simply put such a game aside and pick it back up at a competitive level like I used to. I hope that golf does not completely evaporate from my life. I really do love the game.

Financially our little family had some success this year – thanks to my lovely wife Darlene’s persistence. This allowed us to finally turn a couple of corners we had been struggling to get around.

And I did finish my book. The reviews from the few personal friends I sent copies to seem to be very positive – with a few constructive tips that shall be implemented. But to consistently get responses like “It’s a real page turner – a joy to read – you paint the picture so clearly” – well that is the greatest non-monetary reward a dumb guy who wants to be an author could ask for.

Next year I will sell this book. And then you can read it.

And I will start on the next one, because this story’s only just begun.

Yup, I am looking very forward to 2013. It holds a lot of promise.

Hopefully our company can continue to grow – continuing to increase it’s capacity to enhance the common good.

And hopefully I can grow with it.

And this year Alannah made a travelling fast-pitch team – a team that has grown out of that Turtle Club all-star team from last year and expanded to pick up a few really exceptional players that left our club to play travel ball elsewhere – now coming back to play again with us.

That team will be called the LaSalle Athletics, and from what I see so far – this squad of young ladies will prove to be formidable competition. It will travel the states of Michigan, Oho, perhaps Pennsylvania and the upper New York state to play against the best in those areas.

It should be exciting! I only hope Alannah understands the tremendous privilege and opportunity that awaits her.

Meanwhile, Ashley-Rae – a good player in her own right – and myself – will return again this year to the hallowed diamonds of Turtle Club to play house league. I really love the Augusta National feel of the Turtle Club. The tree tops whispering the tales of past exciting provincial and national championships teams that passed by there.

And the Tigers acquired Tori Hunter from Los Angeles, and expect Victor Martinez back from the disabled list to join Triple Crowner Miguel Cabrera, Cy Young-er MVP Justin Verlander, Prince Fielder, Johnny Peralta and the rest of the boys that will wear the old English D in 2013 in the quest to return to the World Series – where this time they might actually win a damned game or two. Better yet – win the whole damned thing.

And this snow will all melt, and summer will return, and the gardens that we worked so hard to design will all bloom throughout the whole year – to be enjoyed again in another season of writing on the back deck by the pool.

I can’t wait.

We have so much positive opportunity waiting for us in 2013 that we might actually need to run three concurrent streams of the year to achieve everything we want to achieve.

But somebody somewhere will likely start up the talk about the world ending again. The survivalists who sell such fear as a commodity as they turn former underground nuclear missile silos into mult-million dollar condo-bunkers complete with underground swimming pools and tennis courts and schools and such.

They need that fear factor or their bottom line bottoms out.

This time I’m betting on either giant asteroids smashing into us or Venetian sex goddesses landing and taking all the women of earth into slavery because of their deplorable treatment of men.

Yeah, that’ll sell some tabloids, eh?

But I doubt if it helps the million dollar condo-bunker sales much.

Happy New year to you all. I hope that what you see in your future is even more promising that what you experienced this past year.

Once the Americans finally find a safe way down from there pending financial cliff!

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