Thursday, July 17, 2008

Announcing ProjecTalk

There is more to having a successful IT team than simply knowing how to write source code.

Yet as I surf the Internet, the vast majority of discussion is how to write rock solid code using various techniques, technologies, and best practices.

But techniques, technologies and best practices are not constrained only to source code development. There are so many more roles in today's IT environment. So I have a established a new talking space for persons of those "other" skills to share, collaborate, and inspire each other.

What roles do those "other" professionals fill?

  • Systems Architecture and the project identification process
  • Needs analysis and requirement gathering
  • Project scope control
  • Analysis and design
  • Integration, user, and post-implementation testing
  • Customer expectation management
  • Communication progress and status to project stakeholders

In short, ProjecTalk will focus on everything but the actual practice of writing code.

Over the last 20 plus years, I have held positions up and down the IT role ladder. So I will be sharing my thoughts and experiences. But I do not intend to simply tell you what I think. Instead I am hoping I can inspire conversation and debate as we discuss these topics … but in a way uncommon to most IT environments – as calm, rational, professionals.

There are several blog sites I follow religiously – one sports blog in particular. And the lesson I have learned from observing these sites is that the while the authors of these blogs are knowledgeable in their writing, the real insight comes more often than not in the discussions and debates.

I look forward to this new adventure. And I am really excited to meet those of you out there who share the same interest, and learn from your experiences and opinions.

As the same time, I will continue writing my essay's here on my original Head Stuffing site.

These stories, after all, are truly what I love to write.

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