Tuesday, November 14, 2006

If A Tree Falls In The Woods ...

It has been said that the art of selling your idea is to make those above you believe it was their idea.

And it is true. But there is a catch. It then ceases to be your idea. And it is not a given that you will be allowed to participate to carry their new idea out for them.

The plain fact of the matter is that everyone is caught up in their own ideas. It take s a generous person allow you to state your idea, get excited about your idea, support your idea, and explain to all that it was indeed your idea.

Of course it helps if you have good ideas. And that is the problem with good ideas. They are subjective. They are prone to the judgement of others. They are rated. Somebody litterally has to hold up a card like a figure skating competition to give the idea a score.

Should you ever have a brain storm that is of enough value that you wish to share it with a group, do yourself a favour and follow my advice:

Think it all the way the through. Do not present a high level version of your idea until you know all the details. Until you flesh it out. Until you drill all the way down to the most minute element of the idea.

And then only share the high level with the powers that be. And hint that there is more, and that you fully see this in your head.

The idea will be yours. And the project to realize that idea will also be yours. Becasue you're the only one with the vision that can lead the blind through the darkness.

Or at least that will be the impression that those who can provide such an opportunity will be left with.

But it had better be a damned good idea. Present one bad idea, and it may sink your chances of ever holding that audience again.

Kind of like this blog. If I write one dumb article here, and you're likely not to come back.

So why are you reading this one then?

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