Sunday, June 21, 2015

Not a bad Father’s Day

Its Father's Day today, and I am spending the morning on the back deck with my faithful black lab Suzy, while the rest family dozes inside.

The temperature is about seventy four degrees with a soft breeze.

The coffee is great this morning.

And Pat Caputo is on my radio musing on the third place status of the Detroit Tigers.

The girl's school will be finished on Thursday this next week. Alannah is graduating from 8th grade and she has her best friend Erin sleeping over because next year they will be attending different high schools. Erin's birthday is later this week, so my lovely wife Darlene bought her a cake that we haven't eaten yet, so we will likely do so sometime this morning.

The pool is not open yet, the black tarp still covers the surface. My deck is in desperate need of a good painting and needs to be done before we open the pool, but it has rained so much we haven't yet had the opportunity. And ball tournaments most weekends limit my free time availability.

Maybe today. But it will have to be this morning because we are heading to my Father-In-Law's house this afternoon. Its Father's day.

But what a great morning.

Father's Day is a nice sentiment. And it would be nice to be recognised today for all the Dad stuff I do. But it's hardly imperative.

It would have been nice to play golf with friends today, but I haven't really swung a club in four years now, and I don't really have any friends outside of work or the circle of parents of kids on my daughters' ball team.

It would be nice to go to a Detroit Tigers game, but they are in New York playing those dastardly New York Yankees – and getting slaughtered these days.

Yesterday, coming home from a fundraising event for our ball team in Kingsville, we realized that we didn't have a key for the house. So while we waited for Darlene to come home and let us in, I opened the combination lock to the back yard through the gate and checked the back door to see if we locked it. Of course it was indeed locked.

So I got out the lawn mower and cut the grass.

But still no sign of Darlene.

So I examined the windows on the back of the house, and noticed that Ashley-Rae's bedroom wasn't locked. And there was a tiny hole in the screen. So I stuck my finger through the hole and pushed the window open. I removed the screen – dropping down onto Ashley's room floor.

Then I hoisted Ashley-Rae up where she climbed in through the window – disabled the alarm – and opened the sliding glass door.

At that same time, Erin's parents arrived for Erin to sleep over, while I explained to the security company on the phone about how I had to break into my own house. So we got in just in the nick of time.

So we have a great Father's day story for this year. It just so happened to occur the day before.

I don't want any more excitement this week. But I would like to open this damned pool.

And I need to take that screen over to the local hardware store to get it re-screened.

Ernie is the neighbor behind me. He is scrambling to get the back year ready around his pool for all his kids to come home and express their great appreciation for his fatherly approach in their lives.

Good for Ernie.

I'm going to open the pool.

Then I'll have a piece of Erin's birthday cake.

And then we'll head over to Darlene's Dad's house so we can celebrate his Fatherly achievements.

And I'll think about my Dad today who passed away 15 years ago.

He was a great Dad too.

And I'll think about all the sailing weekends we celebrated this day on the water. Where he loved to be.

And how lucky I am to be able sit here on my back deck writing a headstuffing post – where I love to be.

And you know – this isn't such a bad way to go.

I hope they save me a piece of birthday cake.

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