Sunday, October 02, 2011

Still Writing My Book

I haven’t written much on headstuffing lately. Sorry about that.

I have been spending all of my writing time trying to get this book written.

I think it’s going well. To me it reads very well. It isn’t a struggle to read it. It’s actually pretty easy reading, a page turner.

But I’m pretty biased.

I think my characters are very well fleshed out. Complete people you know all about with just enough mystery to continue to make them interesting, and funny.

But what I really wanted to tell you about is how incredibly amazing this whole process has been as an experience. It’s incredible. I know when I’ve hit something good when the story tells itself to me, and I simply write it down.

After writing one of those parts, I sit back and have a sip of whatever I’m drinking, light a smoke, and I read it over again. And I wonder to myself “where the hell did that come from?”

The story literally tells itself to me as my fingers hit the keys on my laptop.

It’s like I’m channeling someone else – I don’t know who – who simply puts the words and ideas in my head.

There is nothing more rewarding in the world … to me … than getting snippet of the story written out and realizing as I read it over again that this is really good.

But as I said before, I am pretty biased.

I find myself reading my book over and over again, and when I get to where I left off, I wonder what’s going to happen next.

I guess I had better explain. I do have a known structure to the story, most specifically a start, and an end, and in between I have an idea – loosely formed in my feeble brain – about how I am going to get from one point to the next in the story.

The part that blows me away, that makes this story so much fun, is all the places this story goes in between all those points. And what makes it so rewarding is how much sense it all makes – how feasible such an unfeasible story seems to be- as I read it over and over again.

I’ve had a lot of friends ask me what the story is about. And I get disappointed when I try to explain the premise in summary form – only to find out how silly it sounds when I say it that way. But then I go back and read what I wrote to tell the story, and I am reassured because the story does make sense – very great sense – in a fantasy fiction sort of way.

I think people will really take to this story, if I can get it in front of them to read it.

A couple of people who have read the snippet I have shared here on headstuffing are intrigued and want to read more. And I feel bad that I can’t simply say “oh yeah? Here you go”.

The other part of this process that I have found so … incredible … is how many people have knowingly or unknowingly inspired my creation of these characters in this book. And since this story unfolds all around the world, I have had so much fun simply interviewing people to learn more about them, to help me flesh these characters out in a meaningful way.

It’s got a little bit of everything – a fantasy that we all have in common; mystery behind the scenes that keeps you wanting to know more; and great characters that everyone will enjoy.

As I have said before here on headstuffing, I simply love to write. And the greatest reward to me is to have other people tell me how much they enjoy reading what I write. That’s why it’s so hard not to simply give everyone who asks me a copy of the story so far.

There is something to be said for taking the approach of simply giving this book away, let people read it for free and hope that they like it so much it might generate revenues for my family in other ways. But what I really need is a writers agent, someone of influence who can present this story to a publisher so that they can see this story – and publish it.

That’s the part I haven’t figured out yet. Maybe you can help me?

I don’t ask for help very easily. It’s a character flaw I have. But I’m asking now.

My lovely wife Darlene has read most of the story so far. She thinks it should be a movie.

But she is pretty biased.

And my little girls ask me every night to read the story to them as they go to bed. So far they love it, all though I do have to skip some parts that they are not old enough for yet. But they love it to.

They are also pretty biased too.

There are components of this story that people will really enjoy.

A little black jet called the Façade.

The Universal Communication Terminals.

And the Angel. Everyone will love the Angel.

But then – like I said earlier – I am pretty biased.

If you haven’t checked out the snippet of the book that I have shared, and you do find what I have described even remotely interesting, then I encourage you to click on the icon on the top of the sidebar to the right of my headstuffing site here, and read it online. It’s pretty short. And I bet you will want to read more.

If you do read it, please leave me a comment and tell me what you think. Even if you think it stinks. I post all your comments here – within reason of course – as long as it meets the standard clean language rule I apply to all headstuffing comments – and as long as your not spamming my comments trying to sell Viagra or something.

Give it a read. I bet you will like it … and you will want to read more.

But I should mention that I am a little biased.

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