Sunday, June 26, 2011

Spread Too Thin

Thinly Spread

That seems to be my modus operandi these days.

It’s true right now at work.

It’s true right now at home.

It’s just that there are so many exciting things happening now that I find myself a part of.

Spare time is such a commodity. One day it will be sold – I am certain – on a global trade exchange. Sell your free time to someone else so they can relax while you do their work.

I think the smartest investment of the future will be to purchase robots – highly skilled machines that do your work for you – where you send them out to earn your living for you while you sit back and collect their pay cheques.

I really need a robot.

My lovely wife Darlene would like a robot – that much I am sure of. Our little girls aren’t very good at being housework robots – no matter how we try to re-program them. Likely we are using the wrong programming language – with words like responsibility and teamwork and duty. They prefer languages that result more in monetary and consumer rewards.

I’m afraid I don’t know those “Object-Oriented” languages – I prefer “Objective Oriented languages myself.

You know – that’s not really a bad idea.

I know the Japanese companies like Sony and Mitsubishi have some models that do housework.

“So how was your day today X15-R Model 39?”

“Blip blip Beep.”

“Well, rest over there by the recharging bar and I will reset your rotors and run some diagnostics … you like it when I reset your rotors …”

“Blip Bleep”.

My problem is not a problem really. And I certainly don’t say this braggingly – but almost despairingly.

I’m an idea guy.

If I come up with an idea, I can’t rest until I test the waters of the idea. And if the waters reply back with successful response – I then either saddle myself or get saddled with the work of engineering and driving the idea to a successful completion. A realization.

The same is true when others express an idea to me – one that I see real value in – one that the idea spawner can’t carry through with on their own. After I describe how the realization of their idea would come about – I find myself again saddled with either parts of realizing the solution – or taking the whole concept over – ensuring the idea spawner is still recognized as the genius behind the idea.

And in these exciting times both in my professional and personal life – ideas are coming to fast from all over the place – and I am finding myself spread too thin to devote the attention that each deserve or required to succeed.

Sometimes the idea is solely to automate a manual process – and therefore requires the inclusion of multiple skilled people – all to participate – and move in the same direction that I am trying to point them to.

Those are the easy projects.

Mostly these days – in my personal life anyway – my projects all seem to be more a creative collaboration of sorts.

And I struggle with those “what’s in it for me” responses.

Because more often than not – there is little to nothing in it for me … let alone the other person.

Those idea projects don’t usually fly to well, and I am left saddling the whole task myself – or with the assistance of my lovely wife Darlene – who is as quick to jump on board as I am … most of the time.

The problem is that I just can’t move forward after hearing or coming up with a great idea until I test those waters. It gets stuffed in my head until I perform some sort of action towards it to either realize of discard it.

It’s kind of like why I write headstuffing.

“Well, if that’s the case Fred, then why do you let yourself get caught up in all these …. Ideas?”

Because the satisfaction of seeing an idea realized is so personally satisfying. That alone is the reason to do it. And to know you did it very well. And to know that somebody out there benefited from your efforts – somebody who really needed the help – that is where the thrill in the end comes from.

That’s why it is so difficult to be spread so thin right now.

There’s no reward in seeing a great idea realized and come to completion poorly. It’s like a failure.

But there are only so many hours in a day. And now that it’s summer time in the northern hemisphere and daylight lasting to nearly 9:30 at night as we just passed the summer solstice – the days have gotten longer. And sleep time has gotten shorter.

Perhaps one day one of these ideas will really click – really catch on. Perhaps if I ever finish my book – or see one of my other personal objectives reach their desired result – I might be in a position to hire a staff.

You know – start a think tank – a group that could attack all of these ideas – and perhaps ideas of much grander scales – to drive them through to real completion.

To make a real difference. All the time. Making big strides instead of being content with “baby steps”.

That’s what we’re all here for really … don’t you think? To enhance the common good?

To make a difference.

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