Sunday, May 15, 2011

Procrastinating With Mother Nature

It’s raining outside again.

It’s probably raining where you are too. Or it was. Or it will.

This has been a very wet spring in North America.

So I spend this Saturday morning out in the garage with my lovely wife Darlene, a cup of coffee and a pack of smokes, and our faithful black lab Suzy curled up on her pillow in the corner.

Pat Caputo is on the radio – talking about the Detroit Tigers now as their season is at the 40 game mark. I listen closely, because I just posted my thoughts last night on the Tigers Baseball Outsider – and I checked the stats and Pat hasn’t read it.

Sometimes he does. He’s a good guy.

Suzy just lays on the pillow and lets out the occasional groan to mean “I’m so bored”.

The girls are at a friend’s house after a sleep over last night. The parents called this morning to ask if they could stay longer – which we didn’t hesitate to say “Sure!”. Better they have fun over there than come to me every two minutes stating “I’m bored”.

Normally by now we would be sitting out on the back patio deck. It’s just sitting there in the rain though. The deck is set up, but we might have spent a total of fifteen minutes so far this year sitting out there.

The deck needs a little work this year. A board on the hand rail rotted – I don’t know why. And Suzy dug under the stairs of the deck so the right foundation pole has no foundation to sit in. I have prop it up and fill that with cement.

Why she dug down there, I don’t know. I doubt Jimmy Hoffa would have been buried down there.

There is so much work to be done outside. We have only scratched the surface.

The gardens have had a light once over to show off the blooming tulips which haven’t been eaten by rabbits this season.

The water on top of the pool cover has been drained once – but is almost full again. There is still a huge pile of leaves in the middle to be removed

The grass has been cut twice – and all the dandelions have been pulled twice. I’m waiting now for the next wave, as I don’t have any of the good stuff – the weed killer now outlawed in Ontario – that keeps my lawn green and full and weedless.

But now it’s raining again. The Tigers game this afternoon has already been cancelled.

My golf clubs are still resting up in the rafters. There’s just no time to play – between the rain, the girls softball season, and the committees Darlene and I sit on.

There’s just no time to have fun.

I guess truly fun is what you make it. But I don’t see anything fun at all about the mounds of laundry waiting to be washed in the piles in the laundry room and waiting to be folded from the piles on my pool table.

Little girls wear a lot of clothes.

I love spring – almost as much as I love summer. But this year we just seem to be in waiting mode. As a master procrastinator, I should appreciate this rainy season procrastination of Mother Nature to get the season going. But frankly I am growing impatient.

Let’s go!

Next week is the May Two-Four long weekend – made longer by a couple of vacation days Darlene suggested I pad on the front and back of it. Her hope is that the weather will clear and I will be able to make up for lost time on the yard and the pool.

So I will patiently wait for next weekend to get here I guess.

I hope it doesn’t rain.

Darlene suggests we go do the shopping together this morning and pick up the girls on the way home. I’m so bored that even grocery shopping sounds like an exciting activity – pushing the cart for Darlene as she asks me “… do we need this?” or “… is this a good deal do you think?”

“Sure”, I will reply – with no real idea if we do or if it is.

Suzy just groaned again. She put her head on my lap to say “I’m so friggin’ bored …”

Me too Suzy. Me too.

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