Saturday, January 01, 2011

Wishing for Attainable Rainbows

Some people think that January 1st is just another day on the calendar.

No big deal, just another day – albeit the first day.

There has to be a first day, right?

Not me. I don’t buy it.

I make a big deal about opportunities for change for the better.

I embrace the change in hopes for new positive opportunities to appear.

So we here at our house do the New Years Eve thing.

This year – like many of our recent past New Year’s Eve celebrations – was to be spent at our great friends Darlene and John’s – at the lake house – enjoying the great company as we bring in the New Year.

But this year our plan had to change as the stomach flu ran through our family on the 30th.

It ran through us like only the stomach flu can.

A fine way to end a year that was not so enjoyable in our little homestead.

But by the Noon of New Year’s Eve, all were well again – eating hard foods and feeling fine.

But we didn’t want to spread the flu to our friends – and we did not all feel up to dressing up and staying up until three in the morning – and we certainly did not feel like drinking and carrying on.

The stomach flu wears you out you know.

So we four stayed home.

The girls were disappointed because we had a stack of their favorite movies ready to take to the lake for them to watch and eat popcorn to while the grownups acted like children.

Instead we all stood together – embracing our new-found health – and watched the ball drop in Times Square as we popped crackers with toys inside and broke wishbones and held onto our 50 million dollar lottery tickets.

And we all made our wishes.

We didn’t win the lottery though. Most likely a blessing in disguise.

The girls each made their wishes – for ponies and to be pop-stars – the next step in being princesses I guess.

My lovely wife Darlene wished for any way possible to resume her medical treatments in Detroit that we can no longer afford – a worthy wish we both share for sure.

As I looked around our cozy little Christmas home, all nicely decorated and warm and safe and still full of Christmas goodies and leftovers that hopefully weren’t the cause of our holiday illness – and I thought “who could want anything more than this?”

So my wish for 2011 is that I feel the exact same way a year from now when we are about to ring in 2012.

Oh sure – we need more money – like everybody else – to pay down some of our debt and be able to afford Darlene’s treatments.

And I would certainly wish to be able to come up with a way to better meet the ever increasingly elevated expectations of our department at work without killing ourselves.

But who doesn’t wish for that.

And I most certainly want to become an author and not a blogger – that has been my dream for most of my life – before blogging was even a concept.

But there are logical ways to achieve these desires.

I can tackle my work issues by learning how to better explain my plans to do so to those powers that can allow us to realize them, and to come up with more creative ideas to streamline our work process.

That might lead to a rise in my professional status.

And I can continue to write my novels on the side – the two that are halfway finished – the one that has the best chance of being of interest to the public – and then figure out how to use the internet to create interest in my work so that it may one day be a formally published and maybe even a profitable venture.

That might lead to an increase in revenue, and maybe even afford me a freedom in life I so desperately want – to not be so dependent on the decisions of others to determine my family’s future direction.

There are those who have gone before me and done this.

And then just maybe – we can stop holding lottery tickets and pulling on wishbones on New Year’s Eve, hoping that the next year will be the year of the big break we have all been waiting for.

Is New Year’s the time to be optimistic about the future?


I don’t think life is about being satisfied with what you have – when those you love need more. Education. Medical treatments.

As long as your wishes have at least some measure of attainable reality to them – then I suggest you dream about the next step closer to the big dream at the end of your rainbow.

But remember – it takes at least a shower if not a thunder storm before the rainbow appears.

A little risk. A little uncertainty. A whole lot of nervousness.

So have an umbrella handy.

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