Sunday, August 08, 2010

A Simple Summer Sunday Morning

It's a beautiful sunny Sunday morning here on the back deck.

The cast of characters that comprise our home are all in their proper places.

All of our company has either gone home or off to visit other places – leaving our house unfamiliarly quiet for the coming week.


Suzy is on the deck floor sitting between myself and my lovely wife Darlene, who is frantically typing an email to our Irish friends Ray and Shell on her iPhone.

The two grammas have dispersed – one back to her house on the other side of town, the other having survived a turbulent flight home to Pensacola – after circling for twenty minutes then being rerouted to nearby Ft. Walton for a cab ride back to Pensacola - and then another to her home.

Not an easy trek for even the healthiest of soon-to-be octogenarians.

The Irish are away up north in Midland enjoying time with our friends Dave and Michelle – taking jazz band boat rides and losing money in the casinos of the area.

They are having a ball.

We knew they would.

We wish we were there too.

It's very easy to be sucked into the leisurely lifestyle of vacation.

Vacation days that start by waking up to good cups of coffee and conversation on the deck with visiting friends and family. Then the dispersal of all to go their ways to get cleaned up and ready for days activities and travels – with the discussions of who will travel with whom in which car to go whatever destination is planned for that day.

Then all reconvening back on the deck later in the evening for drinks and dinner.

And more conversation.

And more drinks.

But it is a nice day today for us to simply remember what it is to be a simple family of four in a quiet Canadian subdivision.

Roars and cheers can be heard over the trees to the north, coming from the ball fields of the Turtle Club. It's the weekend of the big baseball, softball and t-ball teams from all over Canada and the States.

We really should take a walk over to see the commotion.

But we don't have to go far for commotion – my girls in the house provide a constant stream of it.

Home grown commotion if you will.

Still it is quiet.

Not even a lawn mower – just the occasional cheers for a well hit line drive off in the distance.

There are no real pressing or urgent chores to be done at home. The laundry is done. The kitchen is clean. The grass is cut and trim and the gardens freshly weeded. The pool has been vacuumed.

Perhaps I could wash the cars.


I will take in this quiet today and savor it.

It's the end of my week's vacation. And there will be a pile of items demanding attention tomorrow morning at the office.

Emails of questions, system change requests, confirmations of requirements a week old, and problems that require resolution. Phone messages and little piles of paper with yellow sticky notes attached.

But that is tomorrow's concern.


The girls have just taken off to go bike riding with the neighborhood kids.

Now the house is barren except for my lovely wife Darlene and I.

Perhaps we will just go for a walk.

Happily, Ray and Shell are returning to our place at the end of the week.

And we do have a golf tournament to play in next weekend.

And my lovely wife and I are planning a nice overnight trip in the coming days to simply have a change of scenery – and to remember who each other are.

So the summer's vacation time is not over by any means.

We are just having a little reprieve.

A reminder of how live was before the holidays – in the normal flow of life. The day by day experience.


Did I mention it was quiet?

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