Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Is About To Be Sprung

Last night we rolled the clocks ahead one hour.

Daylight savings time now begins – at least in North America.

So last night I had one less hour of sleep.

And this morning I am one hour sleepier.

But it's one more sign that winter is on its way out.

That spring is almost ready to be sprung.

On the calendar – spring in the Northern Hemisphere of this great blue marble arrives on March 21.

A week from today.

My assumption is that the Southern Hemisphere is about to step out of summer and into fall.

My most sincerest condolences to those of you in the Southern Hemisphere.

Some people really like fall. The changing of the leaves and all. The cooler weather. The act of pulling those great sweaters out and cooler weather attire.

And some people really like winter. Some people travel thousands of miles to see snow.

Not me. I am not a winter person.

In fact I am a bit stir crazy right now. I am suffering from SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Last week here in Windsor we had a couple of beautiful days – Temperatures of fifteen degrees Celsius (or sixty degrees Fahrenheit for the metrically challenged). The sun was out and full and warm and the skies were blue and clear. And the birds were chirping.

Even the worms came out of the ground Friday morning and laid on the sidewalks to absorb some sunshine.

If you think I am depressed, imagine what a worm must feel like.

It would be wonderful to be able to hibernate the winter away – nestled nice and cozy in bed – shortly after a huge Thanksgiving feast to build the fat up for sustenance through the long winter sleep … then to wake up and find that it's spring.

I would probably hit the snooze alarm. I would set my snooze alarm to go off every five days – and then finally get up once we were into the first week of April.

But spring is so close now I can taste it.

They're playing baseball now down south. And in three more weeks the teams all return north to begin the season in the northern ball parks.

I can smell spring coming.

And so can the landscapers and yard maintenance professionals. They have been calling the house and stopping by to drop off flyers for all their spring services.

And I have been quite obliging in taking all their calls – and stepping out on the front porch when they drop by the house – looking around the lawn and gardens – and talking about what should go here and there and what will make my grass look as nice as the guy across the street.

That guy has the perfect lawn you know.

The bastard.

I still have a couple of bags of the good fertilizer lying around – the kind they banned last year in Ontario. The good stuff.

The weekend is coming shortly where the garage door will reopen – and the clutter and mess collected over the last six months will get chucked out for trash. The power washer will get pulled out and the whole house and driveway will get a good squeaky clean scrubbing.

And the windows will get opened up – and the freshness of outside will blow out the stale stagnant air inside our home.

And my faithful black lab Suzy will once again go into heat. That's not so fun.

More studley looking black, golden, and chocolate Labrador Retrievers will come by the house – invited of course – to try to woo the affections of my wonderful little girl with the shiny black coat.

But most importantly, I will be able to reopen my back deck. Set up the big patio table with the big brown umbrella - set the six chairs around the table and the little summer knick knacks and plants that adorn our deck in the summer time.

The deck is our outdoor living room in the summer time.

Or the back yard bar, as my lovely wife Darlene likes to call it.

And our friends will again visit – as sit in the back beside the still covered pool – and we will tell stories of past springs and summers – clinking glasses and toasting the arrival of the nice weather edition for 2010.

And baseball games will again be broadcast out of the little speakers of the back yard radio – the dulcet tones of Dan Dickerson and Jim Price calling the early season games of my beloved Detroit Tigers – wafting across the yard as I busy myself with the numerous preparations for summer that must be performed every spring.

Ahh … sitting on the deck with a beer, and listening to Dan Dickerson paint the beautiful scenes of baseball in my mind for me as my little girls play on the swing sets, slides, and teeter-totters in the yard.
I can almost taste it.

I can certainly picture it.

It's so nearby I can almost reach out and touch it.

Today we rolled forward the clocks for daylight savings time. And next week we start to the preparations for what will be another great spring and summer season.

But my oh my, there is so much to do to get ready again.

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