Sunday, January 03, 2010

I Could Get Used To This

I could get used to this.

A two week holiday is rare for me.

Waking up late in the morning.

Spending my free time writing.

As you might be able to tell from the last two weeks of head stuffing posts – I have certainly had my share of free time.

This morning is the last day of those two weeks off. I haven't checked my email at work for nearly ten days now.

Another vacation not likely to be taken until the sun is much warmer and the back yard pool is open again. When Tiger baseball is back on the radio. When the girls are wrapping up their last few days of the school year.

When I can take my golf clubs out of hibernation and try to remember how to hit a slight draw drive around the tree on the corner of the dogleg left par 4 seventh fairway.

When the barbecue will be uncovered on the back deck and in full use – emitting the aromas of steaks and burgers , sausages and dogs.

Please don't confuse my eternal longing for summer weather as a dissatisfaction of the last two weeks – the holidays have been wonderful this year.

Great holiday meals – and the snacks – oh my yes and the snacks.

Turkey sandwiches on fresh baked buns with nuts and chips and salads. And a nice cold beer.

Chocolates, and cakes and pies and cookies.

And morning coffees rich and warm – and often enhanced with a drop or two or three of Bailey's Irish Cream.

Did I mention sleeping in until ten in the morning?

Playing pool with my girls in the basement – they are starting to get good – when the take their time to line up the shot. Last night our family of four played until midnight. We lost track of the time.

And playing Wii games with the girls too – who were kind enough to put their new DSi games down for a few minutes to let me lesson them on the finer points of Grand Slam Tennis, or Tiger Woods golf, or Mario Cart racing.

I am worried to see what they may add to the 2011 version of Tiger Woods golf – a whole new collection of trophies – that might not be rated "E for Everyone".

Some visits with friends like John and Darlene, my Cousin Ellyn and her husband Glenn, and their two kids – like nephews and nieces to me – Thomas and Beth.

Like Don and Sheila Donlon dropping by only yesterday – where Don managed to clean my clock handily on my own pool table – letting me win only two of the dozen or so games that we played.

And I have watched the new Star Trek 2009 DVD I got for Christmas so many times that my lovely wife Darlene has threatened to hide it away with my new Lewis Grizzard book (which I eventually did get back by the way).

And my faithful black lab Suzy – who is now a very smelly dog in need of a bath – spent most of her holidays curled up on her new big sheep-skin pillow bed – adorning her cheery red Christmas sweater.

I have never been one for dressing up pets in clothes – but the sweater actually looks good on her – and she likes it on during these minus ten degree Celsius days we have been enduring of late.

I could get used to this indeed.

Funny, as I sit here this morning writing this in the freezing temperatures of the garage – heat dish pointed at me warming a quarter of my body enough to move my fingers – Pat Caputo is again on the radio talking now about today's Lions football game debating seriously between Mathew Stafford and Calvin Johnson as the Lions most valuable player – as if the Lions could have such a thing having won only two games this season.

I listen only in hopes that they may speak of the Tigers – and baseball – and I can imagine it's summer for only a moment or two.

But they seem only to be interested in the Lions.

Tomorrow at this time I will be back in the thick of work again. And this wonderful two week vacation will feel like a distant memory. All the stress that I have dissipated from my nervous system this last year will start to creep back in – and my endurance for heads down focus will have to be regained.

I hope this will be a good 2010.

I hope somehow I can incorporate what I love doing – writing my stories on headstuffing – will somehow contribute to my ability to earn and income for this little family of mine. And while I am confident that the team I am a member of at work will rise to the forseen challenges of IT needs for 2010 – I am hopeful that we not only meet those expectations but that we go further and far exceed them.

I am optimistic. I am hopeful. And I am wary of what losing focus on these goals can mean to not only my family – but to all that I hold dear in this next year.

And maybe somehow my writing won't be done in my "free time". Maybe, just maybe – someone might actually pick headstuffing up and pay me for this – or something like this.

On the side of course. But no longer on my free time.

It's going to be a challenging year.

But there is truly something to be said for this lazy lifestyle I have enjoyed over the last two weeks. And I would be a fool not to work for a way to make this lifestyle the everyday norm.

The girls are excited to get back to school.

They miss their friends and teachers. And they miss the faster paced series of activities that do not present themselves on two week holidays at home with Mom and Dad.

But I could get used to this.

My coffee is now cold though – it was not in the direct path of the heat of the heat dish pointed at me. And my fingers are now starting to get just a little bit numb. And Caputo is still taking and making predictions on this last Lions game of the NFL season.

Time to go in.

I wonder how much Irish Cream is left in the big Baileys bottle under the sink?

I could get used to this.

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