Saturday, October 17, 2009

An Epiphany of Destiny

Sometimes we see a destiny unfold before our eyes and we do not see it as destiny.

By destiny, I mean a predisposed purpose – a plan prepared for us that we have no choice to fulfill.

This morning as I was lying in bed – in that blissful period between waking up and sleeping, it dawned on me.

I was brought down here to Windsor from London to fulfill a purpose.

The problem is that when one has a destiny, you don't know what it us until it has unfolded. Taken place.

You see, I was living quite a lonely existence before then. Living alone in an apartment, only my work to define who I was.

But now, married with two little girls (and a wife who loves bingo!), I feel much more satisfied … content.

But I didn't see it coming.

And it happened so fast.

Within the course of a year.

Suddenly I am here – nine years later – working for a company of purpose … with purpose … for a purpose.

But what in the world is that purpose?

Was I supposed to have an impact or an influence on someone else, someone that would make a difference in the future events to unfold?


Perhaps it's my own little girls – who would not even exist had I not been re-routed that fateful summer of 2000?

That makes sense.

Or am I the one who will make that impact, somehow, in some way? I don't know.

Am I supposed to go look for this destiny? Or will it find me, running into me like a speeding locomotive – forcing a reaction that makes a difference.

I think it will find me, that's why I was put here in this place – to be in position when the time arrives.

Or has it already arrived?

Has it already taken place and I am just too close to see it? Or it has just not yet unfolded far enough yet for me to recognize I did it?

Or am I crazy, simply trying to rationalize a series of random events into something meaningful, when in fact this is just the way life unfolds?

Truth be told, life is pretty good right now. I have a good little family in a nice little home and a job that has some meaning – and some potential for deeper meaning.

I choose my friends very carefully – and those I call friends right now are a wonderful bunch of individuals. In fact my lovely wife Darlene and I may be the catalyst for some of our friends to be friends with each other – and maybe the difference I make simply lays there?

But patience is something that I have always known. And patience has always paid off for me in the past. I am a very patient person – for the most part anyway.

The time will come, if it has not come already. But I hope the day will come when I recognize what that purpose is – and I hope that it will be an outcome I can be proud of.

All I know now is that my coffee is growing cold in the cup on the table beside me. Fall is falling and the deck is cold on Saturday mornings. But yet I sit here and continue to write my posts.

I write my posts for you to read.

Maybe it's you?

Maybe as you read this you will have an epiphany of your destiny – a life changing thought. An inspiration to move into a direction of great impact?


If it is you, do me a favor an let me know.

The suspense is killing me.

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Ross Atkinson said...

Destiny is life. Life is destiny. Those who choose to LET life unfold before them will truly be blessed by good fortunes. And those who realize that some of the smallest decisions in life can have the greatest impact on destiny will be considered wise men.

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