Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Perfect Summer Sunday Morning

Another Sunday morning, and I again find myself on the back patio by the pool with Suzy – my black lab – laying at my feet – waiting for me to do something more entertaining than pushing all these little black buttons on my laptop.

It's a beautiful morning – although threatening thunderstorm clouds drift high in the sky mixed among those big white puffy clouds. The breeze is warm with a thread of cool refreshing air weaved in like a fine piece of tapestry.

My lovely wife Darlene is asleep in the house – the girls are trying to figure out the rules to a new board game they bought with some of Ashley-Rae's birthday money, and Pat Caputo is on the radio talking about my Detroit Tigers having taken the first three games of a four game series – from the Chicago White Sox who had made up enough ground in the American League Central to tie the Tigers before this series began.

So the Tigers again have three game lead in the American League Central division.

It's just a perfect morning.

The grass that comprises my lawns is a bit long and needs some cutting. The laundry basket holds my weekly assortment of work attire – and they need laundering attention. The water in the pool is crystal clear – but the pool could use a quick vacuuming. The cars could use a good cleaning – inside and out and the gardens could use a few weeds to be pulled.

But I will get to all that later.

Right now I'm just savoring a perfect summer Sunday morning.

They won't last forever.

I want to somehow capture this day – keep it and save it somehow. Save it so I can pull it out of a box of cherished days later on – when the days don't strike my fancy quite this way. Days in January, February, or March – days when I can't sit on my back deck in this way – with the warm sun and the inviting pool – beach balls floating around in chaotic patterns . The sound of neighborhood lawnmowers whirring in the near distance. The warm coffee sitting in my Detroit Tiger coffee mug.

At some point in the next couple months, I will have to cover that pool, seed the lawn, cover the annuals in the garden, and put the storm glass window back in the front screen door. The patio furniture will get put back away – waiting for next May to reappear again. And for all that time between October and May, I will pull this day out of that box of cherished days and try to climb back into it.

Suzy couldn't wait anymore – her black fur growing to hot in the sun on the deck – she jumped into the pool, did her normal lap up the middle and back to the stairs. The girls are getting changed into their bathing suits to go swimming. And my coffee cup is now empty. Pat Caputo has now started talking more about the Lions NFL football franchise and their expectations being higher this year with their new number one draft pick competing with Dante Cullpepper for the starting quarterback spot.

So the moment has passed already.

In the fall, winter, and early spring, I will sit inside and continue to add to my collection of stories. I will try to move the laundry and my lovely wife Darlene's sewing workstation away from my pool table so that I can work on my nine-ball game. I will be told by my household supervisor (my lovely wife Darlene) what household chores I need to do like vacuuming or dusting, or rearranging the furniture and maybe some wall painting.

As as I have said many times before, I am not a winter person.

I did find a great neon light I want to buy to hang by the pool table – the Tigers old English D in the center of the face.

But today is still a perfect summer Sunday. The Tigers playing the White Sox in the fourth game of the series tonight at 8:00 pm. The lawn will be cut, laundry done and the cars cleaned up, and I will sit on the back patio with the girls swimming in the pool and my lovely wife and household supervisor Darlene will be cooking up a tasty summer dinner for us on the barbeque. And I will sit with my lovely family and friends – enjoy a beer or two – and listen to the Tigers game on the radio.

Because the Tigers are in first place and could stretch it to a four game lead in the American League Central.

And it's such a perfect summer Sunday.

Life won't be this perfect for ever.

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