Saturday, November 29, 2008

Getting Ready To Feel Merry

I'm not really feeling merry yet.

But I do have a perfect day for hanging the lights outside. The sun is shining and feels warm. It looks like the perfect day for crawling up a ladder and attaching lights to the soffits and eave troughs.

But I don't really feel merry yet.

My Mom is coming up from Pensacola to spend Christmas with us this year. It will be her first Christmas with my lovely wife Darlene and our daughters Alannah and Ashley-Rae. Darlene has gone the extra mile in planning to make this Christmas special. She has already made enough Christmas pudding to feed a large military installation. And she has already specked out the lights, cedar roping, and wreaths I am to install and deploy this afternoon.

But I still don't feel merry yet.

Thursday was the American Thanksgiving day. A holiday I miss every year since returning to Canada. The smells in the house, the family gathering, the great eats, the days worth of football on television. And the four day weekend.

On Thursday I sat at my desk at the office and put out fires, wrestled with programmers over revision specifications and design issues. I answered problem tickets and talked to the business users of our systems to gather needs for new January business.

And I didn't feel very merry.

But at least I didn't have to watch the Detroit Lions lose 42-10 to the Titans.

I should probably start this morning by dragging out all the boxes of decorations. The Christmas trees – one a pre-lit beauty for the living room in front of the big cathedral window, the other a fiber-optic tree to set downstairs by the fireplace and pool table. The nativity settings, the small winter villages, candles, holly, nutcrackers, mistletoe and tree ornaments.

Then I'll drag out the ladder, the boxes of lights and outdoor decorations, and Darlene's blueprints.

I'll follow her directions. I'll use some imagination.

But I won't feel terribly merry as a I do it.

I'll probably drink a beer or two while do so. So I might feel just a little merry.

But tonight, with neighbor's coming over for a visit – I will sit down and relax.

Christmas is a lot of work. No wonder we start preparing a whole month early.

Because it takes about a month for me to really feel merry.

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