Sunday, July 27, 2008

An Irish Intervention

My horoscope for today started by telling me:

"Don't be too concerned if your day starts slowly; just enjoy the easy pace without pushing yourself to move faster".

That's good advice on this beautiful Sunday morning.

Because the Irish are back for another visit.

Ray and Shell flew in yesterday from Dublin. They started their trip at what would be one o'clock in the morning our time, and arrived around six o'clock in the evening.

Darlene picked them up at the airport, and called me on the phone to say they had missed their connecting flight in Chicago. But she was fooling me. This time their travel went very smoothly.

We sat up until two in the morning, talking on the patio, and then Ray and I playing some pool downstairs. When the day ended, it had lasted twenty five hours for them both.

This morning, both Ray and Shell beat Darlene and I out of bed. They were just coming in from a morning wake up swim. That's when I read my horoscope.

I jokingly tell people that people "an Irish intervention is when a bunch of blokes show up at your house and ask why you haven't been to the pub lately."

I made that up. I hope it doesn't offend anybody.

And it's not far from exaggeration.

So I do plan to take it slowly today. I really have no choice. My body won't go fast right now.

This afternoon, just as we did with our first visit, we are going across the river to take in a Detroit Tigers baseball game. But unlike the first time, Ray will know better what's going on. He's been studying and watching the game highlights from their home in Dublin. And as we listened to the Tigers lose their second game of a three game series with the Chicago White Sox in yet another heartbreaking fashion last night on the radio – Ray was asking questions. Good questions, about the strike zone, and stealing bases, and such.

I think they are excited to go back to Comerica Park again.

"You see, Ray, in baseball they play a hundred and sixty two games in a season. They play almost every night. So it's not like Premier league football where a loss devastates you for a week until the next play again next week. "

"So every game is not important, then."

"No, every game is very important, but not as critical. You always have tomorrow night."

And then Ray proceeded to take seven games straight in nine-ball from me on my own pool table.

As I am typing this, Ray poked his head out the screen to ask if he could shoot some more pool. He doesn't need to ask, our house is his house.

But I don't think he needs anymore practice.

We are so glad they are here. We can enjoy the next three weeks together.

And I am sure I will be writing more their visit while they are here.

But for now, I am moving a bit slowly. And I will behave myself with more discipline as well.

Before they leave, I am sure a bunch of blokes will arrive at my house, and hold an Irish intervention.

That's my goal anyway.

Read a bit more about Ray and Shell's first visit four years ago, and their first tiger game in my post "Baseball and Cricket – they are both confusing".

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