Friday, March 07, 2008

March Came in Like a Kitten

Here I sit after a week of March. The night has fallen and the weatherman is calling for seven to ten inches of snow. That to sit on the ten inches there already. It’s hard to see out the big cathedral window in the front of the house because the snow is covering it. But through the holes of snow, you can almost make out the street light across the road.

But at least it’s now March. Hope springs eternal that spring will hopefully arrive.

There is an old saying that everyone knows. If March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb. And it seems pretty lion-esque at the moment.

Unfortunately on Saturday, the first day of March, we reached temperatures of 10 degrees Celsius (that’s fifty degrees for you Fahrenheit freaks). The sky was blue and clear.

So March came in like a kitten.

A kitten you say? You mean lamb, do you not?

No, like a kitten.

Our little home was blessed with a new arrival on Saturday; a beautiful little kitten that we have for now named Skye. She is white with black patches – or black with white patches – depending on which patch you focus on first.

She looks like a little furry heifer.

I pushed for the name Buster – but in my house I am outnumbered by two little girls and one outspoken wife. So the name – for now – is Skye.

March came in like a kitten.

I am quite partial to dogs. My last was a border collie named Champ. Champ could herd anything, catch Frisbees in the air, and even play a mean goalie. Champ understood English, and would be your best friend.

I am not sure if Skye will be able to catch Frisbees. I have not yet tested her goalie skills. But she does seem to understand English. At least when Darlene is talking. And so far she loves chasing the girls around the pool table while they drag her little mouse toy behind them.

I think Skye will prove to be a great best friend.

She already had her first bath. Unfortunately it was in the toilet. After all this years of the girls in my house screaming for me to keep the seat down, I finally get revenge by reminding them to put the lid down.

Poor Skye. She couldn’t climb out. It was not a pretty scene. But she is fine now, and has an understandable respect for the john.

The girls of course love her. But she is their Mom’s cat. The kitten adores Darlene.

It’s quite the scene in the middle of the night. Darlene snoring to wake the dead, and the kitten on her stomach purring to drown the noise. It’s like sleeping next to Darth Vader in a motor boat.

So indeed, March came in like a kitten.

But what the heck will it go out like?

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