Tuesday, January 09, 2007

It’s Only Russell

Originally written November 10, 2002

This story is a favourite in my household, and it is an absolutely true account of a dream I had one fall night in 2002. My family was much younger then. I hope you enjoy it.

I had a dream last night.

The funny thing about dreams is that we always recognize the people, but never where we live in the dream. We always live someplace else. Some place we have never seen before.

In my dream, it seemed to be about 10 years in the future. Our house was a beautiful stone manor with a huge window in the front of the house looking into the living room and the open kitchen behind it.

My daughter Alannah and I were out in the front yard up by the road. My in-laws were in the house with my wife Darlene and my other daughter Ashley-Rae.

As Alannah and I were working away on something, an old beat up pickup truck appeared over the horizon of the country road. It flew into our drive way and down the long laneway back to the house.

Alannah and I just looked at each other.

A tall gangly cowboy type jumped out of the truck, and ran into the side door of my house.

You better get up there Dad”, Alannah said, concern showing on her oversized baby face. It’s funny. Alannah is one and a half years old as I write this. In the dream she is 11. She is tall girl, but she had the same baby face and head that she does now.

I ran up the front yard to the front door, all the while watching through the window as this tall lanky guy made his way to my wife. They meet in the kitchen and embrace in a very bawdy deep tongue kissing session.

I reached the door where Dar’s dad Glen is waiting for me. “It’s only Russell, Fred”, he said, as though I would say “oh, well then that’s ok.” I side stepped Glen on my way to the kitchen. I passed Dar’s mom Joan, who repeated “Fred! It’s only Russell!” I looked at Joan like she was nuts. Funny, she looked at me like I was over-reacting.

I asked, “Is Russell her cousin?

No” she said in a questioning way, “He’s … he’s just Russell.” as if the answer were self-apparent.

By now Russell and Dar were on the floor, still making out. Russell is on top of her. I grabbed him by a belt loop and tossed him off of my wife. Darlene looked at me as if to say …”it’s only Russell, what’s your problem?

I kicked this Russell fellow in the butt, each shot sending him closer and closer to the door. With each kick, he is looking at me wondering why I am upset. Finally I kicked him right through the screen door and out into the driveway. He got up quickly, brushed the dust off his aching bum, and jumped in his pickup truck and drove off as hastily as he pulled in.

Alannah stands at the side of the drive way looking as stunned as I felt.

Just then, I could hear Darlene in the distance starting to scream at me because … “it was only Russell!

But it wasn’t Darlene at all.

It was my little baby daughter Ashley-Rae starting to cry in the basinet at the end of my bed. And she woke me out of my dream.

I have asked my wife and all her family who Russell is. Of course, they all deny his existence.

But I know better.

But I must say, I really liked the house and the property we lived on in my dream. I liked it very much. Perhaps one day I will find that house and we will live there. Then, ten years from now, when Alannah and I are working out in the front by the road, and a pickup truck pulls into the drive way, I will simply turn to Alannah and re-assure her.

It’s only Russell”, I will say. “I wonder what took him so long.

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